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tv   News 6 at 6.30pm  CBS  February 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> a second suspect 14 years old has been arrested in connection with that state-wide amber alert in the kidnapping of this baby girl. >> we are at an apartment complex where a man was found dead in the parking lot. but first we are minutes away from a rocket roaring into space
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potentially a landing out in the atlantic t. launch window opens at 6:46. space x is targeting the beginning of that window. that's 15 minutes from now. glad you are with us tonight. if the falcon 9 goes up, we'll show it to you during this newscast. we'll monitor every minute of this countdown right up until then. we have team coverage of this launch. troy, space x tried wednesday and thursday but they had problems with this oxygen fuel. >> that's right. that's the reason the two previous teams ended up being scrubbed. that's good news for the people at the cape. this is the upgraded falcon 9 launching. that means space x is chilling the liquid colder than it usually does to pack in more fuel that fuel is very cold.
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that comes with complications. that's why space x scrubbed twice last week. >> a visiting relative and this is my first launch. >> visiting a cousin. he told us this was about to happen so we hope it does. >> sure, look at the weather, it is going to hold up for sure. >> the other big launch attempt, maybe it is the biggest part the attempted landing. this is what happened the last time when space x tried to land in the ocean. the rocket fell over and exploded when a landing leg didn't deploy. space x admits the chances of a landing are slim. however, they'll still try to save it. that will help them save a lot of money. we'll stay out here and continue to bring you updates. >> a lot of anxious folks out there. we'll check back with you shortly. 12 minutes to go.
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elizabeth hart. earlier, space x tweeted they were worried about upper level winds. >> it is hard to imagine because here at the surface the winds have been calm. you can see the stillness of the water behind troy meaning we don't have much wind at least at ground level but generally speak as you ascend through the atmosphere, the wind speed increases. the thresholds they have to manage minute by minute but ground level calm winds at the villages and out towards leesburg. a little bit more of an a breeze towards the coast. for this time of day, this is a light wind at 5 to 6 miles an hour right now, still sitting at a very comfortable 70 degrees in orlando. 66 at the cape. 67 in melbourne.
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look at these warm numbers with numbers right near 70 degrees. our good friend high pressure has been controlling the weather. if you liked it, you should thank this high. it is going to be sitting around for a couple of days, bringing us another beautiful day. temperatures gradually getting milder here as we head into the early part of the week. tomorrow, we'll be pretty chose to 80 degrees. i'll be back to talk about how long the great weather sticks around. >> we'll stay on top of it. developing tonight in seminole county, detectives in altamonte springs searchinging for a killer after officers found the body of a man in the middle of a parking lot with gunshot wounds. justin is at that complex talking to neighbors. >> altamonte springs police swarm the apartment complex off 434 around 9:00 saturday night after neighbors reported seeing a man unresponsive in the parking lot of a unit. throughout the night and into this morning, investigators
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happened, talking to folks who lived nearby and looking for evidence. at first, we were told the death was suspicious. after further investigation, police said the man and shot and killed and they ruled his death a homicide. >> police found that man lying in the parking lot shot and killed with no one else around them. because of that, they don't have much to go on. they are asking the public for help. >> we talked to neighbors who said other than the occasional theft, their complex is crime free. no one was worried whoever is responsible would retaliate. police asking anyone who knows anything about the murder to call them or crimeline at 1-800-423-tips. >> . a narrow escape for family of eight. the fire started on harry street off west colonial drive a block from obt.
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there, everybody was already out of that house thanks to those neighbors. the fire may have started in the bedroom. one neighbor ran over as soon as he saw the flames. >> saw the flame coming out. i ran over there. we are told the red cross is helping out that family. >> new at 6:30, a second person has been arrested for the kidnapping of a baby girl that sparked a state-wide manhunt. we are learning both those suspects are related to the baby's mother. this is the woman that police named person of interest at first and she is now facing a number of charges including child abuse, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping. police arrested a 14-year-old parkway who lives in miami. deputies say the teen was armed with that gun the night of the home invasion friday. both are cousins and augustine is a cousin of the baby's mother.
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baby safe here in central florida. camp was found abandoned at an apartment in orange county. investigators say augustine was on her way back to south florida after making a stop at her apartment in orange county. that's when the trooper spotted her car and pulled her over in force pierce. a youth basketball coach is in jail facing child sex charges. officers in texas arrested david white yesterday when they say he was trying to leave the country. investigators say a child reported inappropriate maifr while spending the night at white's house earlier this month. white is expected to be extradited back to brevard county. >> law enforcement are mourning across the nation after one of their own was gunned down in virginia, just the first day on the job. tonight we have learned that officer is a former embry riddle student in central florida. two other officers recovering from their injuries answering a domestic violence call.
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without bond. brian webw brings us the latest. >> officer ashley was shot and killed on her first day on patrol with the prince william police department in virginia. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others. >> she and two other officers were responding to a domestic dispute about 30 miles outside washington, d.c. >> police arrested 32-year-old ronald hamilton, an active duty army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon. they say he shot and killed his wife, then opened fire on the officer. >> it was very scary. i heard the shots, like four to five shots back to back. >> yellow tape roped off the crime scene. residents paid respects at the hospital where the officers are recovering. >> over something so stupid, it
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>> gwendon was sworn in friday. this picture was posted to the department's twitter page welcoming her and another officer. it said "be safe". hamilton is scheduled to be in court on monday. >> an embry riddle released this statement saying in part, the entire embry riddle community is is saddened to learn of ashley gwendon. our hearts are with her family and friends. >> we are now just five minutes away from a big rocket launch out at the cape. we have live pictures of the falcon nine as mission managers are topping off a supercold liquid oxygen which is what caused problems the last two times.
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>> we are minutes away from the launch of the space x rocket sitting on the pad. the launch window opens at 6:46, about three minutes to go. the only thing nasa and space x was concerned about was upper level winds but i keep checking the feed. so far so good, we are on track. >> it is exciting. we are in the middle of a live newscast. it is our live event, live local event that we love around here. so stick with us, we'll bring it to you. >> as we were alluding to, weather does not appear to be an issue with the launch. radar has been quiet all day long. as you ascend through the atmosphere, they generally increase with height. that is something they'll be watching carefully. weather setup has been delightful, a couple of chilly
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that will go away. high pressure in control. as it gets closer to florida. more of an onshore flow with the wind coming across the water. that helps to moderate temperatures overnight and through the day. for the next several days, we are setting up for some very mild weather around central florida. taking a look at the wind speeds tonight. many locations reporting calm winds. we do have a bit more of a breeze at the coast. again, at least at the surface, a 6-mile-an-hour wind should not be an issue at the cape. as we take a look at the highs today, they weren't quite where they should be. normal averages for this time of year around 76 degrees. we missed the mark by a little bit. 73 for the high in orlando. 66 in new smyrna. cooler at the coast. once again, kind of the reverse effect on you when we get the winds coming back across the water, this time of year, it tends to keep you cooler. still made it out to comfortable low 70's. taking a look at readings, a lot
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70 degree mark as well as leesburg. 70 in orlando. that is a misinformation there. it is not 47 degrees. sometimes we get bad data. 68 in sanford. already down to 64 in data. we will be clear overnight tonight. another beautiful night where you can see the moon and lots of stars. not nearly as chilly. we expect to bottom out. these locations were in the 30's again this morning so that should be a much nicer start to the day. taking a look at the cloud and rain forecast, nothing too eventful overnight although we do start to see clouds rotating towards the coast, even some showers building offshore. not a concern in the early part of the day. you see the clouds thickening towards noontime. we'll still have plenty of sunshine. here we are at 6:00 tomorrow night.
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and a pleasant evening. here are the details on your hour by hour forecast. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, not nearly as cold. we should be setting close to the 60 degrees mark. we are heading up to a comfortable high of 78 degrees. the humidity will stick around as we get into the day on tuesday. look like for temperatures near 80 degrees. that is a little bit above average. we go from one extreme to the other. wednesday we do have just a slight chance of a quick shower. temperatures stay nice and warm. we'll top out near 80 again. thursday, beautiful once again. dry, just about perfect. 77 for the afternoon high. then we'll p looking for temperatures in the mid and upper 70's as we head into the weekend as well. i'm not getting any complaints about the weather these days. >> or this evening. >> definitely not. >> a live picture at the cape. there are folks along jetty park.
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in about less than a minute here. >> look how beautiful the sky is. >> we have a hold? there is a hold. ok. now -- right before sunset. there is a large satellite at the tip of the rocket. there have been delays the past two days. wednesday and thursday, space x tried to get this rocket off the ground. hay had issues with the supercold liquid oxygen fuel. this is an upgraded rocket. they are trying to cram in more propel propel propellent. it seems they are in a hold. they haven't said why. looking at a tweet, 31 seconds out. does not have neg to do with the propellent. typically somebody gets too close to the rocket. somebody gets too close.
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we'll find out what that is about. >> he is the man with all the answers. >> somebody is in trouble. >> orlando city season 2 mls about to launch. get your hard hats on. plus get us supercold liquid. that's the pot racing in atlanta. that happened on the final lap. it is a tribute to one of the great drivers in nascar history how to put your foot man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener
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>> we have not forgotten about the rocket launch. we are in a hold. >> we are all wearing purple because we know what week it is. it is the week leading up to orlando. orlando city season opener is one week from today next sunday 2:00 against salt lake at the itrus bowl. one good sign the team is is ready the 6-1 win over a brazil i don't know team. over 40,000 tickets have been sold for the opener. orlando city wants a repeat of this, last year's opener. over 62,000 for the lions first game in major league soccer against new york city. it was memorable, ening in a 1-1 draw. i talked to players at media day. they had the chill thinking
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>> if we can do that again it will be amazing. >> i remember when we came out, it was incredible. >> they are bonn kerrs and they are great. >> being bonkers is a good thing. fans did not disappoint. 62,500 came out for last year's opener setting the tone for the season. orlando city was a hot ticket with only 33,000 per game. the big number that the lions want to improve on is the 14 wins. they missed playoffs pi just a few points last year. last year jimmy johnson had a so-so afternoon hechl finished 16th in the 500. today he did much better and he matched, the legendary dale
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there's the 500 champ. he finished 16th today. 40 laps to go, jimmy johnson takes over the lead. it was smooth sailing from there until with three laps to go, a caution. they have to finish the race in overtime. no problem for johnson. he maintains the lead to when it. there was a crab behind him. the number 43 car is on fire. it is called hot lanta for a reason. as for johnson, it is the 76th cup victim ri that matches the total. to commemorate, johnson spins out. >> central florida, you have an nfl hopeful to root for. it was a big weekend for pro football prospect. blake bortles stood out and it helped him become the third pick
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after a good showing at the columbine, paxton lynch played at memphis. word from the columbine is the six foot sex lynch did nothing but solidify his status as one of the top qb's in the upcoming draft. >> i'm not sure what situation i'll be put into. however the team needs to use me, i have always been a team guy, i'm not about myself. >> that is one good answer. the three day nfl draft begins on april 28. paxton lynch should go on the first day. that will be exciting. >> looks good. >> he is very tall. >> it must be nice.
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>> before we leave you, we want to go to troy campbell live at jetty park. last thing we heard from space x is there was a range safety issue which typically means someone has gotten too close to the area surrounding that rocket. are you hearing anything out there? >> yeah. space x said they are trying to confirm a boat was too close to that area. that wouldn't mean weather. now they are adding 10 minutes.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> tonight on 60 minutes presents, preserving the past. >> the $540 million national museum of african-american history and culture is rising on the national mall. its complexion rendered in shades of bronze, a building of color against history's white >> this is not the museum of tragedy.


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